STU-K a.s.

STU-K is an engineering consulting firm with a wide scope of activities and range of services including research and development. The organisation is a leader in housing refurbishment programmes within the Czech Republic. Activities include the rehabilitation of large panel buildings, energy saving housing upgrades, repair of reinforced concrete structures and the recycling of building materials.

Main roles in PROFICIENT

STU has a liaison role in action-learning case in the Czech Republic and collaboration with other EU projects. They are involved in deployment of prototypes for new technology solutions and deployment of expertise in energy systems, structural systems, technical surveys of building structures, site inspections, residential building typology and performance-based specifications.

Key persons involved

– Dr. Václav Vimmr, is the Managing Director of STÚ-K. Václav holds a PhD degree in structural engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT).  He is a very experienced engineer in research, development and design of concrete structures, and represents the Czech Republic in CEN Technical Committees and working groups TC229 Precast Concrete Products and TC250/ SC2 /WG2 Fastening in Concrete. He is the chairman of AHG Large Panel Buildings in CIB W23 Commission on Wall Structures and member of the fib Commission 5 on Structural Service Life Aspects. He is also a visiting lecturer at ČVUT and abroad, and the author of more than 150 papers published in technical journals and proceedings of International Conferences.

– Tomáš Vimmr, MSc. is the Technical Director of STÚ-K.  Tomáš holds a BSc. degree in building engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) and a MSc. degree from Centre des Hautes Études de la Construction (CHEC), Paris in the field of design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. Tomáš also specializes in energy conservation and sustainability issues. At STÚ-K Tomáš’ work involves undertaking technical inspections and site supervisions for refurbishment of large panel building projects in the Czech housing sector. Tomáš has led STÚ-K’s participation in several IEE projects (SUREURO, ENPIRE. SuRE-FIT, ESAM, TABULA, AFTER, EPISCOPE), ICT-PSP (BECA), and EIP (Connect & Construct). He is also a visiting lecturer at ČVUT in Prague.

– Radka Vimmrová, MSc. is a technical designer and consultant at STÚ-K.  Radka holds a degree in building engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT). Radka’s primary experience is in the design of building structures and site inspections of refurbishment projects. At STÚ-K, Radka also deals with the implementation of EU Standards and the preparation of national standards for the Czech Republic. She has been involved in a number of IEE projects including CONREPNET, SUREURO, ENPIRE, ESAM, and SuRE-FIT.

– Otto Villatoro, MSc. is a designer and researcher at STÚ-K. Otto holds a BSc. in civil engineering from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and a MSc. degree in transportation engineering from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (USA). At STÚ-K he is in charge of the technical cooperation with a French producer of precast concrete elements.  For the last three years he has been involved as researcher in IEE projects (TABULA), ICT-PSP (BECA) and EIP (Connect & Construct).