Stichting SBRCURnet

SBRCURnet was founded for building expertise and knowledge transfer; an NGO in research and dissemination. SBR was founded in 1959 and has been ever since involved in knowledge and innovation development, implementation and dissemination within the Dutch building sector. In the last decennium, the focus of activities has been placed on the knowledge platform function, with the aim of bringing various building and real estate parties/stakeholders together in order to challenge complex questions, such as sustainability and energy reduction, through co-creation (of knowledge).

Main roles in PROFICIENT

SBR holds a key role as the leader of the demonstration work and on performance requirements. SBR will contribute in the mechanisms for interactive problem solving within CSO housing processes.  SBR is the main contact partner for the demonstration case in NL.

Key persons involved Perica Savanović (WP7 Leader) is a programme manager at SBR, currently responsible for projects regarding the process aspects in building and construction organisation forms; collaboration (and supply chain) management themes. Perica holds a PhD in Integral Design and MSc in Architecture. Having an architectural design and electrical engineering background, Perica aims to fulfil the bridging role between ‘closed systems’ problem-solving approaches and ‘open systems’ exploring approaches, in order to stimulate joint innovation and knowledge development in preferably inter-/multidisciplinary work environments. Amongst other things, his previous work involves development, organisation and leading of the ‘Integral Design and Construction’ course for BNA (the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects) and NLingenieurs (the Dutch Association of Consulting Engineers). Bas Hasselaar is a project manager at SBR, currently involved in projects varying from fire safety, building regulations and building maintenance to energy efficient building innovations. Bas holds an MSc in Building Technology and an MSc in Sustainable Development in the Built Environment and hopes to successfully defend his PhD thesis in spring 2013, on the possibility to acclimatise a space without consuming primary energy: ‘The Comfort Unit as part of a Climate Adaptive Skin.’ Bas is currently involved in an collective housing project in the municipality of The Hague.