Lancaster University Management School

Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) is ranked in the UK′s top five and the World′s top 30 business schools. It is accredited by the three leading international accreditation bodies for the business school sector, a signal of quality held by less than 1% of the world’s business schools. Situated within Lancaster Management School, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (IEED) undertakes outstanding work in the area of research, education and business support. Their strength derives from the close alignment of these three elements and from the continuous feedback that it receives through interactions with the business community. In terms of research, IEED have successfully produced high quality researches and have been recognised in the area of entrepreneurial learning, networks and community of practise.

Main roles in PROFICIENT

Will lead the part of knowledge dissemination and valorisation. Involved in development of typology, business model, market analysis and financial instruments for the energy-efficient collective self-organised housing sector.  Also involved in the exploration of theoretical and empirical understanding on SME network model and business plans for new district development.

Key persons involved

Dr. Danny Soetanto (WP8 Leader) is a lecturer in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation at Lancaster University Management School. He received his PhD from Delft University of Technology on the topic of social networks and academic spin-offs. During his work in the Netherlands, he was involved in several projects related to knowledge innovation and city development. He presented his works in academic conferences as well as policy roundtables in Norway, Poland and the Netherlands. His current research interest lies in the areas of networks and innovation, especially for the benefit of SMEs.

Dr. Edward McKeever is an ESRC researcher within the field of entrepreneurship and service innovation at Lancaster University’s Management School. He received his PhD from Aberdeen University in Scotland on the topic of social capital in the practice of entrepreneurship. Prior to his current position, Edward spent almost a decade as head of social economy at the Aberdeen City Council where he led a key theme in the master planning of city and regional economic development. He has extensive experience in conceptualising process developments and improvements within regional social and economic ecosystems.

Dr. Matthew MacDonald is a Senior Research Associate at Lancaster University management School. He received his PhD from Lancaster University Management School on the topic of organisational change processes, within the context of social enterprise. His research interests include social innovation and barriers to the implementation of public policy. Prior to his entry into academia, he gained extensive experience of public sector, SME and non-profit management.