IRS Servis

IRS Servis is a construction company that is primarily involved in the construction of new residential buildings and refurbishment projects ranging from single-family houses to small scale residential districts for homeowners associations. The company has been approved as an enterprise for the execution of projects aiming to improve the energy efficiency of residential buildings within the framework of the Czech national programme, “Zelená úsporám” (“Green Savings” energy efficiency subsidy programme). IRS provides a wide range of services. IRS also represents part of a supply chain in the improvement of energy efficiency in residential buildings.

Main roles in PROFICIENT

IRS focuses on procurement and technology solutions. Involved in the deployment of prototypes of new technology solutions, the deployment of expertise in the execution of construction works and contracting. IRS also participation in professional networks to enable broader impact of knowledge and project results.

Key persons involved

– Mr.Tomáš Šimon, MSc. is the technical leader of IRS Servis and the company’s chief site manager assisted by other company staff. Tomáš co-ordinates the company’s activities and the allocation of workers on various sites. His experience also includes leadership roles in negotiations with clients on both technical and financial matters.

– Mr. Petr Šimon works as a site manager in co-ordination with subcontractors and is responsible for the choice of materials to be utilized on construction sites.