The Norwegian State Housing Bank is the main agency implementing Norwegian housing policy on the Norwegian national level. Husbanken provides financial instruments such as loans and grants, and there has performed recent studies on the effect of the loan for energy efficient dwellings. Husbanken gives grants to cooperatives for the analyses of existing buildings with a main focus on energy demand and universal design. The Housing Bank ( assists municipalities in providing a comprehensive solution for those needing assistance in the housing market. By using or combining our start loans, housing allowances, and housing grants, the intent is to allow more people to obtain their own property to either live in as a home owner or a tenant.

Main roles in PROFICIENT

Providing input and critical comments connected, especially regarding housing financing aspects. In the field of energy use and universal design Husbanken also gives grants to the dissemination of information, competence and cooperation between central actors. It is interested in studies of financing initiative projects and the effect of stimulating grants. It will also participate in international meetings.