The EnergoSys Closed Corporation (Energosys) was established in 2008, in Budapest by the developers and owners of the “Energy Saving and Finance Balancing System” which is known as the ESCO Know-How (EBS). The corporation was created to offer the housing market, innovative and affordable ESCO-solutions, which can be applicable to retrofit projects. The company plans, finances and implements complex energy-efficient renovations of residential buildings, and after the refurbishment operates the building energy systems, in order to guarantee the expected energy savings.

Main roles in PROFICIENT

Energosys will actively contribute in the applied development approach, which includes:
– Comprehensive technical/technological solutions
– Ensuring high-quality of products and services
– Optimal operation of the renovated energy system
– Guaranteeing the energy savings
– Favourable forms of financing

Key persons involved

Mr. Enrique Grosser Lagos is the CEO and founder of Energosys Zrt. He has been working for 35 years in the field of housing and residential project development. In 1970-1972, he was the Director for Programming and Control, at the National Corporation for Housing (CORVI) in Chile. Between 1976 and 1989 he was employed as research staff at VÁTI (Non Profit Company for Regional Development and Urban Planning in Hungary), specialized in Housing Policy, Analysis of Regional Development Processes and Infrastructure Development. Between 1982 and 1986, he operated as VÁTI expertise cooperated in elaborating the Master Development and Structure Plan of Santiago de Cuba, which included the rehabilitation concept for the historical centre of the city. In 1990, he became the finance director of the Vienna-Budapest International Fair, at the Program Office of the Prime Minister Office. In1992-1994, he was employed by the Telemundi International, where as Marketing consultant he cooperated in developing the marketing concept and strategy of the Universal World Fair Seville, and later of the Universal World Fair Hannover. Since 1995, he has worked within the field of energy efficiency in buildings, as a consultant for market development strategy, on behalf of different professional organizations. Until 2001, as the Managing Director of Lagross Ltd., he coordinated the project development and consultancy activities of the company in the area of retrofit projects for more than 14,000 renovated flats. During 2003-2005, he developed the EBS ESCO concept in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation. In 2006, Mr. Grosser undertook the preparation, development and management of the first major ESCO retrofit project in Hungary, the Zágrábi Residential Quarter (Budapest), which included the comprehensive retrofit of 4 prefabricated blockhouses with 758 flats and 4,6 million Euro costs. Until 2007 he has managed the developing, implementing and operating of different ESCO energy efficiency projects. Between 2002 and 2010, he was a member of the National Housing Policy Committee (advisory group for the government). In 2010, Mr. Grosser together with his colleagues developed the ESCO concept for the Raab-Sol (Győr, Hungary), which serves as one of the action learning cases for PROFICIENT.

Ms. Kinga Horváth holds an MSc in Architectural Engineering, specialized in Urban Planning. She has been working for Energosys for 3 years. She is involved in the technical preparation of Energosys’s projects, and responsible for works in which building structures are concerned. She works in the Raab-Sol project since its preparation in 2010.