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Work Package 6: Benchmarking, measures, and standardization

This work package is led by partner SINTEF. The aim is to use existing and improved sustainability assessment tools and indicators to analyse and benchmark best practices and to extend measures and standards for the lifecycle sustainability of urban projects.


The work in WP6 consists of two tasks:


Best practice and benchmarking

The starting point for the benchmarking is the knowledge of tools for assessing parts of sustainability developed in the last decade. These are mainly environmental assessment tools which include some social and economic aspects, such as noise, air pollution and LCC. Only a very few tools focus on to the actual construction process. In this task a model will be developed for including the external costs, making it possible to benchmark this specific cost aspect within the analysis of the total costs. Research in this task will also cover LCC and LCA analysis (focusing on carbon footprint and resource consumption) from design to construction, dismantling and recycling at the end of service life.


Health, safety and urban sustainability measures and technical standardisation

This task will develop recommendations for new and open measures, policies and standards extending from health and safety, to sustainable (re)development, infrastructure technology and ICT. The social aspects of the sustainability assessment will be taken into account, using indicators described in ISO 21929 Sustainability indicators and CEN TC350 as the starting points.


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