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Work Package 5: Flexible construction techniques for existing bridges

This work package is led by partner Chalmers Technical University. The aim is to develop innovative bridge strengthening and upgrading techniques and enhance existing techniques that focus on avoiding traffic disruption and environmental disturbance in densely populated cities. These techniques will consider the long-term performance of the strengthening schedule and provide sustainable alternatives to existing traditional strengthening methods in terms of efficiency, durability and environmental sustainability.


The work in WP5 consists of two tasks:


Management of strengthening and repair of bridges

This task will identify problems and restrictions related to the strengthening, repair and upgrading of bridges in densely populated cities. An in-depth study will be conducted of a number of selected strengthening and upgrading projects by construction companies participating in PANTURA. The aim is to identify "bottleneck" points in the process of strengthening and upgrading bridges in urban environments. This task will also cover the state-of-the-art knowledge of damage-diagnosis systems.


Flexible refurbishment techniques

This task will develop suitable technical solutions based on the criteria identified in the above mentioned study. Selected techniques will be verified through detailed analysis and laboratory testing. The practical applications of the new techniques will be shown. The results will be presented as a toolbox of standardised refurbishment techniques for existing bridges. Potential techniques include strengthening and refurbishment techniques involving the use of bonded fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) materials in non-pre-stressed and pre-stressed forms with or without fast curing of the adhesive material in order to reduce operation time, the automated wrapping and placement of FRP sheets and strips and new joining techniques such as powder-actuated fasteners and fusion-bonded FRP.


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