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Work Package 3: Tools for interactive monitoring, planning and coordination

This work package is led by partner TNO. The aim is to develop an interactive tool for monitoring, planning and co-ordinating complex urban projects, which will support the flexible method for construction processes developed in WP2. It will be a comprehensive, yet user-friendly tool based on the integration of the following ICT technologies and instruments:

  • Instrument for interactive spatial planning based on meta-data of urban situation (Urban Strategy)
  • Instrument for integrating and modelling life-cycle information of a construction object through Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • GIS technology to position the BIM model of the construction object
  • Communication interface based on open-source Semantic Web technology.


The work in WP3 consists of two tasks:


Urban project co-ordination tool with meta-information modelling

The existing instrument Urban Strategy developed by TNO includes the implementation of environmental models in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The tool will be integrated with Building Information Modelling (BIM) that comprises an IFC+ database, open standards, BIM models and online field monitoring systems through GIS. A bridge can be modelled with the information in the BIM. At present, the instruments for interactive spatial planning Urban Strategy and BIM are not yet interconnected. In order to connect these systems a common framework will be developed.


Communication and decision-making tool

In this task, the construction of a working communication and decision-making tool with an open-source semantic web will be enabled. In essence, the semantic web is designed to add meaning to the information that is stored and distributed. Different sources of information can exist as distributed knowledge, while they are connected in a way that a sub-selection of the distributed knowledge can be connected and interpreted as one integrated database.


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